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Repairs policy

Brenchley Gardens Management Association (BGMA) aims to provide a repairs service which is:

•    quick and efficient
•    convenient and flexible
•    provides value for money

We aim to provide a service which exceeds the standards set by Southwark Council in its tenancy agreement / handbook and which is delivered in a way which is caring to our residents and ensures that the environment of the estate is beautifully maintained.

There are some repairs which are the responsibility of Southwark Council under the terms of the management agreement we have with them. Where a repair is Southwark’s responsibility we will liaise with them in order to ensure that it is carried out as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Council tenants: repairs to your home

As the Council’s managing agents we will arrange to carry out all repairs to the interior of your property that the council is required to carry out under your tenancy agreement. In some cases we will exceed the council’s standards and carry out works which would otherwise be your responsibility.

Examples of repairs that BGMA will carry out:

  •     structural works to floors and ceilings
  •     internal plumbing
  •     heating system
  •     electrical system
  •     internal doors and frames
  •     kitchen units and bath panels
  •     floor tiles
  •     wall tiles
  •     glazing – internal and external

Repairs that BGMA will not normally carry out, unless you pay for them (see below under ‘rechargeable repairs’). These are the tenant’s responsibility:

•    repairs which has been caused by, or results from negligence by you, family or your visitors
•    shelving in cupboards
•    boxing-in pipe-work
•    minor cracks to plaster
•    bath or sink plugs and chains
•    draft excluders
•    decorations
•    WC seats and covers
•    changing locks
•    fencing

Our Contact Details

Brenchley Gardens Management Association Limited

163 Brenchley Gardens

Forest Hill


SE23 3RF


TEL: 020 7564 1258